It seems packs are starting to hit doormats which is great news.

We are going to action plan B. Please expect an email this evening (25th January). It will have a link to say, “Yes, I’ve got my pack” or “No, not yet”.

Please let us know. We can then reassess for plan C!

We will then email all the ‘no’s’ again on Saturday lunch time, just in case the postman brings them on Saturday. If it is still a No those people will be collecting their number on race morning.

Massive thank you for your patience and understanding.

We know that some people have already left their home addresses for the weekend and it hadn’t arrived before they left. Please can you contact us via our helpdesk (if you haven’t already told us).

We are fairly confident that most people will have received their Race Pack before the start of the race.

In the, hopefully unlikely, event that they have not arrived, we have spare chips and numbers for more than half of the entries. We will arrange for a collection point on Saturday afternoon/evening and early on Sunday.

We will announce where they are once we have an idea of the numbers involved.

Please take advantage of the website notification system (the popup at the top of the page) so that we can make sure as many people of possible see the message.